IEIIT Virtual Tour

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Clicking on an image will open a "tour window" and will start a virtual tour through the related IEIIT Site:

please use the bottom-right key of the tour-skin to go "full-screen", <esc> to unexpand the tour window and "close" (bottom of the tour window) to come back here.

Some navigation hints:

- use the mouse to rotate the view, watching labels appearing just below the pointer: they are small (indicating a possible action) and/or large (describing a related area);

- "click to walk" indicates the possibility to move, in that direction, to a new tour point. After the jump, the view direction remain the same;

- large GREY labels describe areas (around the tour point) that are NOT accessible by the tour;

- accessible areas, described by large GREEN labels, are indicated by "click to enter". After the jump, the view direction is reversed and back-directed to the "entering point";

- accessible areas are also listed in the "tour menù" at the top-left of the window, and can be entered directly from there;

- it's possible to "zoom in" and "zoom out" by using the + and - keys at the bottom of the window and, when "full screen", by using the mouse wheel.